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Views of the Chair-person
kcsharma The process of Education is ceaseless, the one who is satisfied with the education is dead or worthless. I believe in wholeness of the education where an individual finds all possible opportunities to expand the horizons of his learning of all the avenues of knowledge & skills. If we wish to bring a positive change in the thinking of a nation we will have to initiate it from the school first.

This has been our earnest endeavor to provide best of everything to our students, be it infrastructure, faculty, facilities or faiths. We wish to have a socially responsible, morally flawless and stoutly built younger generation which can shoulder their responsibilities in making India prosperous and meteoric.

I am sure Nitin Balika / Sr. Sec .School will remain a land mark in the re-incarnation of the Golden Era & we will take the world in our stride. We will be successful in revitalizing our social structure & infuse in them the ancient values of the education in the modern context to surpass whole world in every sphere of life.

From the Principal Desk
kumawatji At the outset, I offer my sincere thanks to all the hon'ble members of the managing committee, Staff & Dear parents.

We all know that human resource is one of the most precious & valuable assets of the world. The progress of country depends upon our young generation. If our children are well cared for they will develop their potential to the fullest.

Nitin Balika / Sr.sec. School is ready to provide quality education to its students. Our students have already made a mark in merit, sports, painting, debate, science projects, etc., & won number of prizes and awards in the interschool events held by various organizations apart for their academic excellence.
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